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This week we received a question from Candy in China. Candy writes,
I wonder what is the difference between "not" and "no"?Today when I do my homework, I encounter the question.I do not know if it is "no need to do something" or "not need to do something" - Candy, China
我想知道“not” 和“no”之间有什么区别。今天,我做作业的时候,遇到了这个问题。 我不知道应该是“no need to do something”还是“not need to do something”---坎迪,中国
Dear Candy,Thank you for writing to us. We do not usually answer homework questions,
but I will try to explain the difference between the two expressions.
The word "not" is an adverb, which means it modifies – or changes the meaning of -- a verb."Not" is often used with modal verbs, like "should," "can" and "might." Here are two examples.
“not”是副词,可以修饰动词,或改变动词的含义。“not”通常与“should”(应该),“can”(可以) 和“might”(可能)等情态动词搭配使用,这里我们举两个例子:
"You should not go to the park today."
"We might not have time to go before dark."
The phrase you saw, "not need to do something," looks like it is part of a sentence where "need" is used as a verb.Here are some examples.
你之前看到的短语“not need to do something”看起来像是句子的一部分,其中“need”用作动词。以下是几个例子。
"You do not need to clean the room."
"I have not walked the dog today."
"They are not working on the project."
In those sentences, "not" modifies the verbs clean, walk, and work. They show how "not" can be used as an adverb.
The word "no" can be used as an adverb, adjective, or noun.In your sentence, "There is no need to do something," "no" is used as an adjective, modifying the noun "need."The verb in that sentence is a form of the word be: "is."
单词“no”可以用作副词、形容词或名词。在你的句子“There is no need to do something”中,“no”被用作形容词,修饰名词“need”。该句中的动词是“be”动词的形式之一:“is”。
Here are examples of "no" being used as an adjective:
"The store has no eggs on the shelf."
"People with no internet connection at home can go to a library."
"No" is also often used as an adverb. For example, your parents may have told you, “No, you cannot have any more candy.”
In that sentence, "no" answers the question, "Can I have more candy?"I am wondering if that is where you got your nickname, Candy.
在那句话中,“no”回答了提问“我可以再吃些糖果吗?” 我猜这或许就是你的昵称“坎迪”(Candy)的由来吧。
By the way, I hope you have "no problems" with doing your homework now.
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And thats Ask a Teacher for this week.
Im Jill Robbins.