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US Small Businesses Set About Reinventing Themselves 2020-07-2443995




Small business owners are worried about how to keep operating under restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus.
Reinvention may be the most important idea.The U.S. Congress passed a measure that provided billions of dollars to small businesses to keep them from collapsing.But even with that assistance, "many small companies are still struggling to reopen, and others will never reopen," said Tom Sullivan.He is the vice president for small business policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C.
There are 30 million small businesses in the United States and most have fewer than 75 employees.They need to reinvent themselves, Sullivan told VOA."Theres definitely a new normal, and I dont think companies can go back to the way they were before COVID-19."
Markos Panas is the founder of the Bread and Water Company in Alexandria, Virginia, outside Washington, D.C.He knows this very well."When the coronavirus kicked open the door, it was sink or swim, and we realized we had to make a lot of changes," he said.
马科斯·帕纳斯是华盛顿特区外弗吉尼亚州亚历山大市Bread and Water公司的创始人。他很清楚这一点。他说:“当冠状病毒打开了这扇门时,要么沉沦,要么继续前进,我们意识到我们必须做出很多改变。”
Like many small businesses, Bread and Water lost at least half of its revenue after the virus hit.The number of customers quickly went down to nearly none as people stayed home.
像许多小企业一样,Bread and Water公司在病毒袭击后损失了至少一半的收入。由于人们都呆在家里,顾客的数量很快减少到几乎没有。
Panas said a $10,000 CARES donation from congress has helped the bakery remain open.
The money is meant to help small businesses keep workers on the job through the health crisis.Panas said the crisis actually forced his company to simplify its business."Before we were trying to do too much, and just breaking even as a wholesaler, restaurant, and bakery," he said."We became a full-time, carry-out operation, with online ordering, something we hadnt done before," said Panas.
He also learned that less can be more.
"Weve reduced our bread and pastry offerings, and provided a better variety" of other products, he said.
Panas added that he trained his employees to do more than one job.
The company is "already making more money than we did before," Panas said.
Companies that are not making changes are going to find it difficult to survive, said Joe Shamus.He is a former military pilot who is the co-owner of Flags of Valor in Ashburn, Virginia.
The business employs combat veterans who handmake American flags from wood.
"Our company has had to change the way we do business," Shamus said.
Like Bread and Water, Flags of Valor cut its retail sales and changed some of its products including:"...smaller, more affordable flags for the average consumer," he said.
与Bread and Water公司一样,英勇旗帜公司也削减了零售销售额,并改变了一些产品,其中包括:……面向普通消费者销售的更小、价格更实惠的旗帜,”他说。
The NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care clinics in Houston, Texas, decided the internet was the way to go.
"The eight clinics are in shopping centers, so in a way, we run it like a retail business..." said Zawadi Bryant, the companys chief.
“八家诊所都在购物中心, 所以在某种程度上,我们的经营方式就像零售企业一样……”该公司的首席执行官扎瓦迪·布莱恩特说。
After COVID-19 arrived, "there was a major drop in the number of children we were seeing."
As a result, he said, the company started to agree to see patients online.He said parents love it because it is easy.
Couch Clarity provides mental health services in the Chicago suburbs.It also provides services online.Company president Melissa Bercier said her workers were trained almost "overnight" to provide "teletherapy"which they had never done before.
“Couch Clarity”公司在芝加哥郊区提供心理健康服务。它还提供在线服务。公司总裁梅丽莎·贝尔西说,她的员工几乎在“一夜之间”接受了“远程治疗”培训,这是他们以前从未做过的。
Bread and Water Companys Panas said, changing is not easy,"...but now is the perfect time to reimagine what you can do."
Bread and Water 公司的帕纳斯说,改变并不容易,“但现在是重新设想你能做什么的最佳时机。”
Im Susan Shand.