刚果民主共和国、马达加斯加与埃博拉病毒、麻疹疫情作斗争 分享到
DRC, Madagascar Struggle With Ebola, Measles Outbreaks 2019-03-2835664




The spiraling number of Ebola cases in the Democratic Republic of Congo has now climbed to more than 900 since the outbreak began in a North Kivu area in August.Doctors Without Borders whose health workers just returned from the region say the Ebola response in the Central African country is failing to contain the outbreak.
“More than 40% of the death are right now happening in the community that means that we have not reached them and they have not sought our care.35% of the newly infected people are not known to a chain of transmission meaning we don’t know how they got it.”
The medical charity group also known as MSF recently suspended its activities in the Catwah and Putinboat treatment centers after those sites were attacked but centers in other areas remain open. “What is clear is that there is a great hostility against the whole of the Ebola response.In the last month alone there were more than 30 different incidents and attacks against elements of the response.”
The problem is compounded by local distrust of authorities.Dr. Anthony Fauci with the US National Institutes of Health says more must be done to win the community’s trust.“They’ve had a very difficult history in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, they’ve had oppression.They’ve had rebel groups that had political instability so it’s very difficult to get the people in the grassroots level to trust the medical authorities particularly when they see them come in with protection armed protection.”
当地对当局的不信任加剧了这一问题。美国国立卫生研究院的Anthony Fauci博士表示,要赢得社会的信任,还需要做更多的工作。“他们在刚果民主共和国有着非常艰难的历史。他们有压迫。他们有政治不稳定的反叛组织,所以很难让基层民众信任医疗当局,尤其是当他们看到医疗当局有武装保护的时候。”
Deputy mayor of Butemo Kambale Tsiko patrick compares the armed groups to terrorists.“Their targets are no longer the army or the police.Their targets become health structures because not only the Ebola treatment centers are attacked but also some other health Facilities.”
Butemo 副市长Kambale Tsiko patrick将这些武装组织比作恐怖分子。“他们的目标不再是军队或警察。他们的目标变成了卫生结构,因为不仅埃博拉治疗中心受到攻击,其他一些卫生设施也受到攻击。”
Elsewhere on the continent Madagascar is fighting against the measles outbreak which has claimed the lives of nearly 1,000 children in the last six months.“If a person with measles is in a room with 10 other people who are unvaccinated. 9 of them will get measles.”
The highly contagious disease is easily spread by sneezing and coughing and its impact can be devastating, says Dr. Fauci.“One in 10 children who get infected with measles will get an ear infection that could cause deafness.One in 20 would get pneumonia.One in a thousand would get brain swelling what we call encephalitis and one two three per thousand would die.”
The World Health Organization warns the number of measles cases is increasing worldwide and without action the outbreak could lead to a global epidemic. Despite some successes of vaccination programs in some countries.Infectious diseases are still a leading cause of death in many other parts of Africa.
Mariama Diallo VOA news Washington.
美国之音记者 Mariama Diallo华盛顿报道。