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Futuristic Fun House Transforms Traditional Games into High Tech Wonders 2019-01-0246916




Imaging traditional carnival games on steroids.
That’s pretty much the experience at Two Bit Circus.
那就是在Two Bit Circus游乐园的体验。
I can test them all. I can game manually to the next level. And for a couple of games I played tonight where that has a breaker and that’s actually sweating.
Games infused with technologies such as cameras and sensors aim to give visitors a new way to play.
In a twist to escape rooms, visitors can immerse themselves in group adventures like when they ride a river raft while shooting aliens in virtual reality or navigate a spaceship with friends.
Even getting a drink is high-tech entertainment with this robot bartender.
I have not a robot made my drink before and that’s actually pretty cool he even knows, manages to shake it .
The two bit circus is a platform that offers the latest innovative games, many of them created here.
Two Bit Circus 游乐园是一个有着最新款创新游戏的平台,也就是在这开发了多款游戏。
We’re standing here in the Two Bit Circus shop and the Two Bit Circus shop shares a wall with a Two Bit Circus park and that means that we can build stuff here in the morning and test it out there in the evening.
我们所站的位置是 Two Bit Circus游乐园商店,而该商店与游乐园中心仅一墙之隔。这意味着我们早上搭建的设备,晚上便可以在这里进行测验。
And we have a really incredible team of creative people who are always experimenting with new forms of entertainment and we have the most important ingredient of all---people testing this stuff on.
Co-founder Eric Gradman used to build prototypes for the military’s such as robots and self-driving cars.
合作创始人Eric Gradman以前曾为军队设计机器人或者自驾车雏形。
He also had a completely different career as a circus performer.
I was touring around the country doing crazy stuff on stage in front of thousands of people and this place is a great way to combine those two loves: making stuff and performing.
Co-founder Brent Bushnell was a trained clown with a background in engineering.
合作创始人Brent Bushnell曾是一位训练有素的小丑演员,他还学过机械工程。
He also happens to be the son of Nolan Bushnell the founder of video game company Atari.
凑巧的是,他还是影视游戏公司Atari创始人Nolan Bushnell的儿子。
My dad wants to move in here. He freakingly loves this place and you know he comes back he’s always got ideas and then you know what things we should change what we should do differently but he really you know he’s obsessed.
This Los angeles-based micro amusement park is about the size of a department store for a reason.
As more stores closed due to competition from online shopping.
Two Bit Circus hopes to open parks in some of those empty spaces.
Two Bit Circus 游乐园希望能在这些空置的地方开设乐园中心。
We have built it to be able to just slot right in and and so for me that brings real scale.
Right.That format exists in a hundred cities across the country so we can then iterate and test, optimize this version here and then replicate it across the country. And they say maybe one day in other countries, around the world.
Elizabeth Lee VOA News Los Angeles
洛杉矶,美国之音。Elizabeth Lee报道.