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Smithsonian Museum’s Latest Acquisitions Reflect a Diverse America 2019-01-0739362




Every year the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in downtown Washington adds new works to its vast collection.
Ann Shumard, senior curator of photographs at the gallery, says this year’s selections represent a wide range of fields.
安妮·舒马尔(Ann Shumard)是该馆相片区的高级管理员。她说今年的收藏品丰富多彩。
It ranges from paintings to prints, to photographs to sculpture.
It’s really quite a wonderful panoply of objects.
Among the exhibits portraits, there is astronomer Edwin Hubble.
诸多展品中,展有宇航员埃德温·哈勃(Edwin Hubble)的相片。
The Hubble Space Telescope was named after him.
He was really the one of the premiere astronomers in the 20th century.
And in the image you see him looking through the eyepiece of a state-of-the-art telescope from 1949.
Then there’s the photo of beloved children’s book author and illustrator Maurice Sendak.
此外,还有受人喜爱的儿童书籍作家及插画家莫里斯·森达克(Maurice Sendak)的照片。
From an early age he enjoyed reading and drawing and that really translated ultimately into a career for him.
The exhibit also features portraits of some of the most prominent African American figures in recent history,such as media executive Oprah Winfrey best known for her hugely successful television program the Oprah Winfrey Show.
该展览还展出了近代史上一些十分重要的非裔美国人的肖像,例如媒体高管奥普拉·温弗瑞(Oprah Winfrey)。她以其非常成功的电视节目“奥普拉·温弗瑞秀”(Oprah Winfrey Show)而闻名世界。
Theater director and producer Ellen Stewart who founded an experimental theatre companyand Pulitzer prize-winning composer George Walker the first black to perform with the Philadelphia Orchestraback when segregation often blocked opportunities for African-Americans.
电影导演兼制片人艾伦·斯图尔特(Ellen Stewart)创立了一家实验性剧场公司。作曲家乔治·沃克(George Walker)曾获普利策奖,是第一位与费城交响乐团合作演出的黑人。当时的种族隔离常常阻碍非裔美国人获取机会。
We see two images of him,one framed by his piano in his homeand the other you see his hands as he is scrawl his symphonia number five which will have its world premiere next year.
There are also many Latino figures in the exhibit says Taina Caragol, curator of painting and sculpture and Latino art and history at the gallery.
展览中还有许多拉丁裔人物,Taina Caragol说。她是该馆绘画及雕塑展、拉丁美洲艺术与历史展的策展人。
We have a wonderful colored photograph by Alex Rodriguez Walter and Tico Torres of Salsa queen Celia Cruz.
我们有一张令人惊叹的彩色照片,它是由Alex RodriguezWalter和Tico Torres共同拍摄的萨尔萨舞女王Celia Cruz的一张照片。
We have two wonderful portraits by Harrigan Black Junior of Rudolph Waconia, the father of Chicano Studies and musician Louis Perez from Louisiana.
我们有两幅由Harrigan Black Junior 拍摄的精彩绝伦的画像。即奇卡诺人研究之父Rudolph Waconia和来自路易斯安州的音乐家Louis Perez。
And we also have two wonderful portraits of baseball players using the silhouette technique by Freddy Rodriguez.
我们还有两张棒球运动员的精彩照片,是Freddy Rodriguez使用剪影技术拍摄的。
The players are called Alex Rodriguez, former Yankee and Big Papi, David Ortiz from the Red Fox.
这两位球员是来自前洋基队的Alex Rodriguez和红狐队的Big Papi, David Ortiz。
I hope that people will see they you know figures that are familiar to themsuch as Oprah but also figures that they may not know as much about and be intrigued to learn more about that individuals biography and contribution.
These new acquisitions join more than 23,000 works in the Portrait Gallery’s collection and will be on view through November of 2019.
Julie Tabo VOA news Washington
华盛顿,美国之音。Julie Tabo报道。