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“This is the spot I was talking about.”
For five and a half years, Sacha Johnston has been looking for the hidden treasure,supposedly stashed in the Rocky Mountains by collector and entrepreneur Forrest Fenn.
五年半来,Sacha Johnston 一直在落基山中寻找可能存在的宝藏,这笔宝藏是一名收藏者和企业家Forrest Fenn放的。
“I have searched approximately 300 times, but I don’t really keep count.I just did an estimate.”
We are the black canyon campground north of Santa Fe New Mexico.
“This would be the starting point.”
If true, the treasure could be anywhere between this opening all the way up to Montana.
So what keeps Johnston and so many like her trying?
“I have become more in tune with nature, and so I found it to be an incredibly rewarding experience, so that drives me.
But on another level, I think I have made progress in figuring out the clues of Forrest Fenn’s poem.”
不过从另一个层面上,我认为我已经猜出更多Forrest Fenn诗中的线索了。
“Begin it where warm waters halt and take it in the canyon down.Not far but too far to walk.Put in below the home of brown.”
Forest Fenn says he built the treasure chest full of gems,gold and jewels and wrote the poem with the clues after he received dire cancer diagnosis in 1988.
Forest Fenn说1988年他诊断出癌症后,他做了一个装满宝石、金子还有珠宝的财宝箱,并写了一首布满线索的诗。
“If I was gonna die, I was just gonna give other people the same opportunity that I’ve had.”
He ended up beating cancer and kept the chest of valuable collectibles in his possession until 2010 when the recession was in full swing in America.
Forest Fenn最终打败了癌症,把装满他珍贵收藏品的财宝箱保留了下来,直到2010年美国经济衰退。
“I wanted to give people hope.Maybe there is a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow if you go out there and look for it.”
He says he was 79 years old when he hid that treasure chest.
“It’s not in a dangerous place.”
At his home in Santa Fe New Mexico, Fenn is surrounded by art collections he amassed during his lifelong journey.
A fishing guide in Yellowstone since the age of 9, Fenn lived a life as extraordinary as his treasure.
He is a decorated fighter pilot who volunteered in 1968 to go to Vietnam.
He says he flew hundreds of combat missions and cheated death on a number of occasions.
“Five or six crash-landed one time in Vietnam, I was shot down ejected from an f-100 in Laos.”
Fenn kept a piece of the wreckage.
He considers himself a man who always lived on the edge.
The treasure represents him.
“This is his legacy.”
A goldsmith by trade Marc Howard has known Fenn for more than 25 years.
一位名叫 Marc Howard的金匠已经知道Fenn25年多了。
He has also been looking for the treasure for more than nine years.
“I’m a goldsmith.I would love to have a supply of gold that I didn’t have to pay $1,500 .”
But lack of tangible proof of the treasures’ whereabouts and its potential recovery has some question in its existence.
“Several people that I’ve talked to it had seen it in his vault before he placed it.”
“It was jaw-dropping.”
The treasure hunt is believed to have caused tourism to soar in Santa Fe.
“ A city gave me a proclamation, because the occupancy rate and the motels in Santa Fe was up 6 percent two years in a row and nobody could figure out why.”
But it has also claimed some lives.
“I would urge people to know where you’re going.
Demands can be terribly unforgiving to those who don’t respect what they are and what they can do.”
Does he believe people are close to finding it?
“It’s possible my treasure chest could be found this afternoon or it could be a hundred years or five hundred years. Who knows ?”
Johnston is not deterred either.
“I don’t need other people to believe that Forrest Fenn hid a treasure.
“我不需要其他人相信Forrest Fenn确实埋了宝藏。”
And I don’t need them to believe that it could be found.
I need to believe that, because I go out there with that same excitement and that same zest for life every single time.
So I’m okay with looking for a hidden treasure even if it’s not there.”
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