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Anybody who says America is not great,hasn’t tried other countries paper towels.
Suzie Afridi a Christian Palestinian American living in New York finds humor in unexpected places.
Many of her stories spring from her own childhood growing up in the West Bank.
I remember as a kid I would always make funny observations.I remember one time I told my sister I said ,the Israelis have demolished this home but the furniture is still there so let’s go there and play a tea party.
But it was not until she came to the United States and met her future husband Sahib Afridi ,a Boston from Pakistan that her talent for comedy began to bloom.
I remember when I told my husband that I want to take a comedy writing class he was so supportive.He said okay because he said I am so glad, because I’m so sick of hearing your opinions.The world needs to also hear your opinions.This is my mom in Ramallah.
我记得当我告诉我的丈夫我想上喜剧写作课的时候, 他非常支持,很是同意,因为他说我很高兴你这样做,因为我挺烦了你的段子。该给全世界听一听了。这是我妈妈在拉马拉。
Afraid his husband may have been supportive but her family did not approve of her decision to marry a Muslim man.
She is thankful she lives in the US and not the Middle East.
And I remember clearly like when they decided to disown me they had a meeting and they decided to disown me.I remember telling all my brothers and my sisters and their spousesbut look if you want to disown me, go ahead because I’m educated, I’m working.If things don’t work out with this guy, but if he decides to do all of the things that you are afraid Muslims would dolike kidnap our children and move to Pakistan or like marry another womanwhatever you know Christian Arabs ideas of what a Muslim man will do.If he decides to do those things and I can divorce him.I mean I’m living in America and I think this is what this country gives us.It is the freedom to think for yourself.
我很清楚地记得,当他们决定跟我断绝关系时,他们组织了一场家庭会议决定和我断绝关系。我记得我告诉了我所有的兄弟姐妹和他们的配偶,如果你们想和我断绝关系,那就断吧,因为我读过书,我也有工作。如果我和他合不来,如果他要做所有你们害怕的事情,这些视频可以通过地点,宗教,文化甚至性取向进行搜索。像绑架我们的孩子送到巴基斯坦,或者再娶亲,就像所有阿拉伯人认为穆斯林会做的那些事。如果他决定做那些事,我可以和他离婚.我住在美国,我认为这就是这个国家给我们的东西。 就是为自己考虑的自由。
Afridi takes comfort knowing she married a Muslim and no one died.
She writes a blog called Susie Say So to talk about her personal conflicts and the cultural journeythat has taken her from a small village in the West Bank to doing stand-up in New York.
Her advice to immigrants like her -find your voice and tell your story.
It’s very important to learn public speaking, because it’s how we are as brown people as well as Muslims,how we gonna get back our narrative because our narrative is hijacked you know it’s hijacked by the terroristsand it’s hijacked by the media in America that needs to continue the weapons industry you know.So we need to own our own narrative and I think comedy is a great way of doing that.
Afridi is writing a book about her experiences and hopes to start a storytelling class to teach others the art of self-expression
And if no one can do it, hi baby, how can I do it.
Samina Ahsan for VOA News New York