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Nothing reflects America’s diverse musical identity than jazz,a genre that originated in the African-American communities of New Orleans Louisiana, and nowhere is jazz as alive and as vibrant as in its birthplace where live music is heard from every street corner, club and restaurant. But one place in the city is synonymous with the history and cultural tradition of jazz: Preservation Hall.
Immigration and our common ancestry and our common bonds as new comers to this land is what created this music,and it keeps it fresh and constantly invigorated by people coming in and experiencing it and bringing their cultures to bear here.The house band place there five times a day every day and there is always a long line waiting to get in, even during weekdays.Preservation Hall is a major tourist magnet in New Orleans, a historic French Quarter, which combines cultures and traditions from around the world.
The Spanish and French, Creole and American all left their mark in this city.That is like no other in the United States.Preservation Hall hasn’t been remodeled since the early 1960s when musicians were first invited to play in what was then an art gallery.The walls of this historic building are adorned with old photos. The locks are old and rusty floorboards creak.The interior together with the music that’s played there preserves the aura of the club. Preservation in regards to preserving a way of life and a way of looking at things,
but it’s a...it can be a tricky term because it can be isolating, right...one thing people think of preserving something, you’re taking something and keeping it the same way for the rest of it...as long as you can keep it, keep it going, but we also in our mission statement to protect, preserve and perpetuate it.And all three words are equally as important to us, and to us that’s all part of preservation.Many American and foreign musicians dream of performing here. Singer, songwriter Tom Waits called it his sacred hallowed ground of jazz after he made a record there.It’s the lifeblood of people, it’s the story of people and so I think if you ask somebody most obvious,
yes, somebody with jazz in Chicago and somebody in New Orleans, it’s gonna be too dramatically different answers. So it’s so to me...it’s people...music. About 18 million tourists visit New Orleans every year to listen to this truly American music.In this city, jazz sets the tone in parks over the Mississippi River and welcoming visitors at the International Airport named for Louis Armstrong, jazz legend. Maia Kay, VOA News, New Orleans Louisiana.
是的,在芝加哥演奏爵士乐的人,在新奥尔良演奏爵士乐的人,答案会截然不同。所以对我来说……是音乐人。每年大约有1800万游客到新奥尔良来听这种真正的美国音乐。在这座城市里,爵士乐为密西西比河沿岸的公园都定下了基调,在以爵士乐传奇人物路易斯·阿姆斯特朗的名字命名的国际机场欢迎各地游客。美国之音新闻记者Maia Kay路易斯安那州新奥尔良报道。