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Era of VHS Might Be Over, but Many Are Not Ready to Let Go 2021-08-0418046


Video rental store CineFile opened in Los Angeles in 1999.
Back then there were thousands like it.
Today CineFile is the last independent video rental holdout store in Los Angeles.Its run by Paul Tamayo, a true movie buff.
When I was a little kid I always told myself that I was going to have.
When I grew up and I kind of became you know a person I was going to have the biggest collection I could have.
The store has over 50,000 movies both on VHS tapes and DVD.From Scorseses films to those by Antonioni, Eldar, Rosanna and Andrews Wagons,
he says its the films you cant get online that draws people to his store.We have thirty thousand titles that you cant stream online,
and that really helps us stay afloat also where theres a personal touch to coming into a video store.We have three employees and we all know our separate genres.It costs five dollars to rent a VHS tape or DVD at Pauls store, or for about thirty dollars a month members can rent as many as 120 movies.And Ive been coming to CineFile for twenty years.
I was here the day they opened.And this is by far the best video rental place in Los Angeles.These old school movie watchers are strong sub-culture.
There are online groups and forums where movie lovers sell and buy equipment and talk about the golden age of video.VHS tape collector Heath Holland has a blog dedicated to the culture of the 1990s.
So many things that were on VHS didnt get, did not make the upgrade to DVD: weird things like local cause with VHS.
You had the video store boom and all these video stores needed content for their shelves.So theyre taking regional titles like.
You know Im in Ohio, I have local Ohio filmmakers, so Ill stock their things.These days visual tapes cost anywhere from a few dollars to thousands.
One online user is trying to sell Disneys Little Mermaid produced in 1989 for forty five thousand dollars, no takers yet.So I think that there might be speculators around that
and then there are people who collect that material because its still functional, its still usable.
So you have both the reality of it, but they also have the material in the tapes themselves that could be used to make new projects.It might seem like nostalgia but Paul Tamayo says he has customers of all ages.
Age doesnt really matter.
All you feel at home, so theres something about being in a video store, having physical copies of stuff.Its just this is something that is comforting.
As comforting as a movie night at home over an old favorite.
Karina Bafradzhian and Angelina Bagdasaryan for VOA news Washington and Los Angeles.